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Fresh Rice Paper Spring Rolls


12 sheets of rice paper (18cm)
80-100 g of rice vermicelli noodles (bún)
1 Hoa Nam brand Vietnamese meatloaf (Gio) of your choice
12 raw Black Tiger shrimp (or more if your shrimp are small)
150 g of bean sprouts or mung bean sprouts
6 large leaves of lettuce cut in half
Mint, Thai basil, shiso leaves, cilantro
1/2 cucumber and/or 1 carrot
4 sprigs of chives or green onion
Fish sauce for dipping or whatever sauce you prefer


Boil the shrimp for 2-3 minutes. Place them in cold water immediately after. Peel and remove heads and tails.
Cut shrimp into halves..
Blanch bean sprouts or mung bean sprouts for 1 minute maximum. Drain.
Boil rice vermincelli noodles in unsalted water for about 5 minutes. Drain and rinse with cold water.
Slice the cucumber into thin strips and grate the carrot. Cut the Vietnamese meatloaf into thin strips.
Prepare a bowl of hot water to soak the rice paper sheets. Keep the rest of the ingredients close by.
Dip one side of a sheet of rice paper into the hot water. Quickly flip it to the other side, just once. The rice paper will still seem hard but will soften quickly once set aside on a plate.
Place the following ingredients on the first ⅓ of the rice paper: the half piece of lettuce, a couple mint leaves and other herbs, the Vietnamese meatloaf, cucumber, carrot, some bean sprouts or mung bean sprouts, then a bit of the vermicelli noodles.
In the middle of the rice paper, place 2 shrimp halves cut side up.
Fold in the sides of the rice paper to begin covering the fillings, then roll while holding the fillings tight. At about ⅔ of the roll, place a sprig of green onion or chive (trimmed to fit the size of your spring roll – leaving about 1 or 2 cm stick out of one side), then continue rolling until completely closed.
Continue with the rest of the rice papers and enjoy!





Average price

Preparation time

50 min


6 people

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